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Skilled Worker Migration

The people who are skilled and willing to work overseas, have to migrate and for that, they have to apply for Skilled Migration Visa, which is usually based on skills they have and education background of the applicant. The Visa is necessary for applicants who want to migrate and work in different country as it will open the doors of opportunity for them. The procedure of processing the visa includes several point tests and it is important to qualifying for a skilled permanent resident policy.

Applicants are evaluated on the basis of occupation, age and language. Afterwards, applicants have to go through medical tests. If the applicant’s relatives are the citizen of the same country, then the applicant can apply by submitting their proof ids and status. The skilled applicants can reside as a permanent resident for a specified number of years and afterwards can be a citizen of that country.


Study, Work & Settle in Canada

Canada is the world's most educated country: over half its residents have college degrees.

United States

Study, Work & Settle in United States

Immigration in the U.S. has supported the growth and economy of the country substantially.

United Kingdom

Study, Work & Settle in United Kingdom

5th largest immigrant population in the world, attracts migrants seeking work and who are skilled


Study, Work & Settle in Australia

great option to migrate and work as it offers an excellent lifestyle

New Zealand

Study, Work & Settle in New Zealand

New Zealand has a complete set of employment laws that help keep workplaces fair


Study, Work & Settle in Europe

the economy of Europe is currently the largest on Earth and it is the richest region


Study, Work & Settle in Carribean

Caribbean is a smart choice as it says something about your personality

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